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One fee, one lifetime

“Who Wouldn’t Want To Own a Lighthouse?” Now you can.

This is a lifetime Beacon Keeper Stewardship Virtual Deed; no other entry or maintenance fees necessary.  Halfway Rock Lighthouse is a privately owned active aid to navigation lighthouse but it is available to everyone.  You become a steward to this active aid-to-navigation and are given unique benefits, privileges and virtual access to the lighthouse.

You can now say “I own a lighthouse” and here is my Official Landicity Beacon Keeper Lighthouse Stewardship Virtual Deed.

You immediately receive an electronic color copy of the Halfway Rock Lighthouse Keeper Membership Deed suitable for color printing.  It describes the keeper benefits, privileges and details the exact location and address of your new lighthouse.  You also receive electronic copies of our Bill of Rights and Frequently Asked Questions.

The Official Landicity Lighthouse Keeper Membership Deed benefits and privileges include:

  • Virtual ownership to th lighthouse
  • 8x10 Beacon Keep Stewardship Virtual Deed
  • personalized with the date, your name, serial number and identification number;
  • a designated “virtual mini block”, you virtual home on the station;
  • the privilege to name your virtual mini block;
  • the privilege of owning the virtual mini block coordinates of your virtual home;
  • and the privilege to visit virtually and for real
    • as a member, you will receive special access to certain cams, audios and other sensors as we get them installed
    • if we hold special events, members will get special invitations
  • a vote and suggestions to stabilize and maintain the light station;
    • help us with web cams, audio and complete “sensorization” of the light station and immediate waters
    • be a subject matter expert, podcast, tell stories and share photos and experience
  • plus, you will be able to “see, hear, feel, touch and smell” the lighthouse when we complete our “sensorization” of the lighthouse.
  • you become a Beacon Keeper citizen in this new community sharing the experience of an active lighthouse
  • 10% of each sale is given to one of three organizations working to improve our ocean environment.
your selected organization (selectable in each drop down item button)

Each micro mini block is ~ 3 cm by 3 cm, is a trapezoid shape that is almost square but the top may be slightly smaller than the base. It will conform to the shape of the current lighthouse surface.  Its location will be unassigned at first.  Once we begin the engineering stabilization we will survey the lighthouse and create the coordinate system with the mini-home block grid.  You will be given the final coordinates of your randomly assigned virtual block.

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