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Maybe we should call our planet, Planet Ocean since it comprises almost 75% of our world and we have only explored ~5% of it. It produces a significant amount of our human food supply and we are destroying our fisheries, reefs and plants.  The plastic flotsams on the surface in 5 gyres are larger than Texas and the plastics ground into micro plastic is even larger and killing many species that mistake it for plankton. The Japan tsunami dumped another just as large garbage pile into the Pacific.

The oceans requires our attention. Discoveries are made every day of new species. And, there are 1,000 times more valuables – minerals, plants, precious metals and other resources in and under the ocean. The ocean contains the highest mountain ranges, much higher than above the surface. Finally, if the ocean bodies and species are negatively impacted, we are severally jeopardizing our lives. The oceans modulate our climate – it is a big carbon sink and a huge heating/cooling radiator. Our oceans areourr most important resource, by far.

Beacon Keepers immediately deposits 10% of every sale into an escrow account. You select your personal preference at checkout.

Additionally and at various other times, we may ask Beacon Keeper Stewardship members to vote for your favorite and special ocean marine centric cause. The top 5 entries receiving the most votes will receive the funds, on a Beacon Keeper Stewardship vote pro-rated basis.  All proceeds will be awarded. You get to decide for yourself. The organizations with the most member Beacon Keepers has the best chance of winning.

At checkout on of the following 5 are menu-selectable. Simple choose one during your purchase checkout.

Or, you can type in on the following non-profit organizations by selecting “other” during the check out process and manually typing in one of the below organizations. Or, if you do not see your favorite non-profit marine-centric organization, you can just type your favorite one in. It must be a registered, qualified and federally, recognized ocean-centric, marine-centric organization.

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