Bill of Rights

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Article I. Halfway Rock Lighthouse Beacon Keeper Mission

Halfway Rock Lighthouse has stood for more than 70 years guiding, protecting and watching out for us and our sailing vessels. It is an icon in Buzzard’s Bay and a symbolic icon of the worlds oceans. It is now our turn to be the icon which protects and preserve the lighthouse AND protect the ocean waters around the light and around the world.

Halfway Rock Lighthouse (HRL) Beacon Keepers provide the conservation, preservation and maintenance support to the lighthouse and the oceans.

Article II. Beacon Keeper Community Spirit

HRL Community will act within general guidelines and beliefs of sustainable preservation in good faith and for the benefit of you the member, the lighthouse, the ocean, marine and plant life, people and on-line and local community and being con-sistent with our stated mission.

As time goes by members may express opinions of current and new uses and restrictions for the lighthouse. HRL does not necessarily have all the answers. We will consider all opinions and suggestions from members within the spirit of the experiential conservation, preservation and use activities of the Halfway Rock Lighthouse Beacon Keeper model and may make modifications from time to time.

Article III. Beacon Keeper Responsibilities

Your are now a HRL Beacon Keeper and the steward of our endangered lighthouse, oceans, marine life and underwater and shore land environment. All Beacon Keepers embrace Stewardship responsibilities, including:

  • Beacon Keepers are encouraged to share photos, tales, stories and old memorabilia
  • Beacon Keepers shall be compassionate, nurturing and generally kind
  • Do no harm
  • Carry in, carry out (virtually, login and logout)

Article IV. Obey the Laws

Nothing new – Beacon Keepers shall obey the laws both the legal ones and the moral ones. The Federal and state laws must be followed and obeyed. Conservation, Fish & Wildlife, Marine Patrol , US Coast Guard Service, land use, boating, fishing, hunting, snow mobile, ATV, and all other regulated recreational, fire, and outdoor activities must be followed when ever such activities are permitted uses. Of course, these mostly apply if you are given a permit to actually visit.

Article V. Annual Membership Fee

  • Individuals joining Halfway Rock Lighthouse as a Beacon Keeper pay a single fee by purchase of the Halfway Rock Lighthouse Beacon Keeper Virtual Stewardship Deed. There are no annual fees, assessments or ongoing support cost. However, should it ever come to be, use and access to the lighthouse may be on a fee only basis with Beacon Keepers qualified for keeper discounts.
  • And, from time to time HRL may request donations for special causes such as other lighthouses and certainly ocean-centric, marine-centric issues such as plastic reduc-tion, beach cleanups and other non profits group and edu-cational requests.
  • Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community, at its sole discretion and from time to time, will continue to have fun and play jokes on you.
  • There are no additional membership and maintenance fees -- unless you as a group and by vote determine there should be one. We doubt you would though!

We need a lot of Beacon Keepers to make this work, be sus-tainable conservation, preservation and use to be economi-cally successful for all members and especially the local geographic "Sister Community" the

Article VI. Beacon Keeper Benefits

  • Special uses and access rights to the ledges when permit-ted by law, DEP and other agencies.

  • Invasive improvements not consistent with prevailing his-toric standards and ordinances are not generally allowed. Improvements may be made when necessary to rectify a harm being done to the physical structure and keeping intact its historical significance and the surrounding bay, ocean, wildlife, fauna, and within the spirit of sustainable management and experiential use, conservation and preservation 

  • Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community will practice sustain-able conservation, preservation and acceptable use man-agement of the rocky ledge, surrounding waters and the lighthouse and associated equipment 

Products relating to Halfway Rock Lighthouse will carry the HRL Beacon Keeper brand as they may become available. Limited quantities of product off the regional ocean waters (like aquaculture, lobstering) may be produced through sustainable activities and available to you as a registered Beacon Keeper. 

Beacon Keepers may benefit from local and international offerings such as

  • HRL native “Sea Salt
  • Native Kiln Dried Fish
  • Beacon Keepers receive 1 vote/unit, “home” naming rights, your own coordinates
  • Participation in an online social network community
  • Wikis, discussion, blog, auctions, and other members only offerings
  • Undivided use and membership in the Halfway Rock Lighthouse ledge recreational fishing rights with beach and rugged shoreline should water levels fall.
  • Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community Beacon Keepership Virtual Stewardship Deed, with your name, date, and ‘Home Block’ number
  • Special events, both online and on the web, such as geo-cache, fund raising and member contest
  • Halfway Rock Lighthouse Passport -- This is a future anticipated benefit. Over time, both local and web-based discounts may become available to you as we develop strategic and sponsor-level agreements with companies
  • Contributions to help improve our model, design, suggest and maybe even implement new things
  • Possibilities include good science, kid’s education programs, technology, animal tracking, virtual reality input, videos, photos, zooming audio and all the other creative things each of you as a community may contribute
  • Maybe get an underwater mini remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to circle the lighthouse base and see all the fish!

Article VII. Certain Uses and Permits

  • Internet permits are not necessary for virtual activities, at least so far.
  • On site access may become available by Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community with permission and authorization. This is an important part of being a responsible keeper of the lighthouse and maritime history traditions and all individuals must refrain from “loving the lighthouse to death.”
  • Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community will strictly limits the number of individuals allowed to visit in any given period and/or under given situations by requiring all individuals to apply for a Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community Access Permit. Access Permits are not guaranteed but may be issued at the sole discretion of Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community. and generally based upon good preservation principles and especially based upon “do no harm to the historical integrity environment, community and overall integrated health of the maritime history area.
  • But any individual, on-site, on the Halfway Rock Lighthouse might be issued permits, at the discretion of Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community and/or its agents for the following use:
  • Boating (canoeing, kayaking, and motorized), wildlife watching, and other semi-active and passive recreational activities as permitted at HRL.
  • We encourage ‘music by nature’ and highly discourage enclosing one’s self in pod-like devices, ear buds, and open music boxes. If one takes the time to listen and not distract themselves, nature plays some awesome tunes.
  • Certain fishing may be allowed based upon local and Federal law and customary practices

Article VIII. Restricted, Limited Access and Uses

  • Before landing on HRL, you must have applied for a Half-way Rock Lighthouse Access Permit.
  • Currently, the following uses are NOT allowed:
  • No access without first applying for and being granted an access permit
  • No bad judgment even though legally allowed by the laws of America
  • No walking on water unless it is winter or you’re a divine spirit
  • No obnoxious loud noise making or music playing – no permits need be issued to smash loud boom boxes in an ecological and friendly manner– it’s free too! But, please recycle the parts.
  • When available on the net and by virtual access, members can fly through, walk through, and swim through with no speed limits except those imposed by your personal internet and phone bandwidth

Article IX. Beacon Keeper Stewardship Termination

Oh my, yes you can certainly be voted off the Ledges. Memberships can be terminated and subject to loss of any and all rights including interest in Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community and revocation of your Beacon Keeper Virtual Stew-ardship Deed. Your rights may be terminated at the sole discretion of Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community or its assigns for any (but not limited to) of the following actions:

  • Members shall act and communication with compassion, respect and thoughtful manner. Violators will become extinct; there is “zero tolerance” for meanness.
  • Visit the lighthouse without applying for and being granted your Halfway Rock Lighthouse Access Permit prior to your actual visit. This is a Zero Tolerance item and you immediately forfeit any moneys. All membership rights are terminated.
  • Break any laws using the Web site and/or while being on or about the Ledges.
  • Fail to follow the guidelines and rules.
  • Violate the terms and conditions.
  • Using loud electronic music playing devices – aka boom boxes
  • Encroaching upon others personal space and senses of smell, touch, sound, sight and vibes.
  • Being a jerk.
  • Abuse of the lighthouse and all associated fauna, wildlife, people, air, water, dirt, and vibes around the site and/or location, local and online community, bugs, insects, and all other natural resources.
  • Critical number of members cite your bad judgment, action, attitude and behavior as violating the intent, spirit and ethics of Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community to be a care-taker of the lighthouse and ocean and share the gift of healthy maritime history (also being a jerk). Analogous to being voted off the island! One real keeper was voted off the island by the US Coast Guard
  • Let it also be known that this Bill of Rights is subject to change at the modest but sole discretion of Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community, as may be modified per the other documents of and under the advisement of Keepers through their participation in the community.
  • We all have a moral responsibility to our "sister community" which is the local citizens of the area. They are a critical part of our connectedness and community and sense of place.
  • Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community will engage, edu-cate, entertain and motivate individuals to embrace mari-time history by deploying inclusive and integrated experiential preservation of all components – economic, local and remote community, individuals, maritime history, and wild-life with healthy planet ecology.

Furthermore, Halfway Rock Lighthouse Community will provide personalized, easy, simple and affordable socially en-gaging access to knowledge of traditional and novel maritime and ocean history through virtual and real access for the purposes of discovery and fun!!!

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